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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Dead Invades US Shores This October

Matt Boiselle

After a very successful theatrical run earlier this year in the U.K., Global Cinema Distribution is proud to announce that The Ford Brothers zombie-action thriller, The Dead will be making its North American debut in 20 cities beginning with Los Angeles on October 7th, then followed by a wider release on October 14 starting with New York City and all points in between.

Centering on the aftermath of a global zombie outbreak, this movie was filmed in the harshest African regions of Burkina Faso and Ghana and focuses on an American mercenary that has just survived a horrific plane crash and his quest to stay alive amidst rampaging hordes of the undead. He soon thereafter meets up with an African soldier who is searching for his lost son, and it isn't long before the two are fighting side by side against mass quantities of blood-thirsty flesh eaters.

Shot on 35mm film, this movie has already gained nationwide acclaim in the UK for its brutality and edge-of your-seat storyline. Make sure you search out the trailer and hopefully if you live in a major city, you too will be able to partake in some good old fashioned zombie madness this October.

 - Just a little update - after writing this info I did some searching and found out that the movie will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray this October 10th!

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