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Monday, September 26, 2011

April A. Taylor takes you on a tour of “Dark Europe”

Dan Barkasi

To our loyal followers, I’m sure that you remember a wonderful photographer named April A. Taylor, of which we have featured in the past. Her line of “Dark Art” photographs are some of the best artistic pictures that we here have seen in a very long time, and she now has a new set of location-themed images to share with us. Believe me, they’re out of this world!

The series is titled “Dark Europe,” and it features shots from haunting locations within Paris, France and London, England.

Locations include an abandoned church in Abney Cemetery, skulls in the catacombs of Paris, beautiful sculptures of gargoyles, among others.

April’s niche of finding the most haunting and surreal places to shoot are second to none, and her execution of her art is breathtaking. The attention to detail is brilliant, with every photo containing its own unique story. It’s certainly worth a look, and if you like them as much as yours truly, ordering a print may be a good notion!

Check out this series here. You won’t be disappointed!

April has also compiled a video that features some of her best work, along with quotes regarding such from many in the realm of horror. It’s quite cool, and you can check it out here.

To check out the rest of April’s inspiring work, go her website at

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