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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

The Wizard World Chicago Comic Con held last weekend in Rosemont, IL was easily one of the best cons I have been to.  It was massive without being overwhelming and had a floor-plan that made it easy to navigate.  As my wife and I made the rounds throughout the convention center, we encountered booths with store names we recognized and made plenty of new friends.  So many, in fact, that Zombies & Toys is going to bring you several exclusive features in the weeks to come!

There was no lack of fun to be had for zombie fans last weekend.  For starters, several of the cast from The Walking Dead were in attendance.  I was able to meet up with several friends of the site who were happy to be a part of the attraction.  Let me stop here and thank Addy Miller and her mother, Jaime.  Addy was the first zombie we laid eyes on in AMC's series and someone our very own, Gnat, was able to meet at Spooky Empire.  I was also introduced to Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes), Viviana Chavez (Miranda), Melissa Cowan (bicycle zombie), Anthony Guajardo (Miguel), Adrian Kali Turner (Duane Jones), and Keisha Tillis (Morgan's wife).  It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone.  I encourage any readers who have the opportunity to swing by and say "hello" at upcoming shows to do so.  Next month, Zombies & Toys will be giving away autographed pics from each of the above cast as we all count down the days to The Walking Dead series two premier!

While Boondock Saints may be the film Norman Reedus is most notable for, we all recognize him as crossbow-weilding Daryl Dixon.  Norman was also at Comic Con accompanied by Boondock Saints alumni, Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocco.

We were witness to an Evil Dead reunion as none other than Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, was accompanied by all five women from the cult classic.  Marvel Zombies artist, Arthur Suydam, was also featured at the con providing zombie fans more to hoot about.  But this show wasn't just about zombies.  Celebrities from all areas of fandom were at the show signing autographs and mingling with the attendees.  Patrick Stewart (Star Trek), Peter Mahew (Star Wars), Felicia Day (The Guild), several of the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more were all guests of Chicago Comic Con.

The floor was packed with vendors allowing ample excuses to spend your money.  Toys?  Check.  Comics?  Of course!  Artists?  A guarantee.  Hand-made katana swords?  Yes, even hand-made katana swords.  Wizard also ensures there is plenty to do for those smart enough to buy an all-weekend pass.  Panels and shows appealing to all of geekdom were certainly not absent, either.  Most importantly, there were fans.  With so much to do and so much to offer attendees, it felt like a giant party.

In the weeks to follow, we will be bringing you several features introducing you to the new friends made in Chicago.  You will have the opportunity to hear about a zombie musical, zombie Smurf comic, several original comic books, the creator of a zombie game, several artists, and more!  Oh... and did I mention the zombie cupcakes?
My final thoughts?  Go to a convention, people!  I've been hitting cons since I was a child and am always surprised by the number of folks I run into who have never been.  The truth is, you don't have to be a certain "type" to enjoy shows such as this one.  The Chicago Comic Con offered something for everyone allowing even visitors with a focused collection or hobby to easily get their money's worth by attending.  Shows like this are also great because it is like being surrounded by hundreds of potential friends.  Next on the list is Wizard World's Mid-Ohio Comic Con.  Living in Ohio, I'm looking forward to a home-field Wizard show.  Visit Wizard for more details and make sure to track me down at the convention!

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  1. this is great, i was there for one day and never really made it back to the artist alley...


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