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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Wind Through the Fence

Todd Jepperson

Brand new from Smashwords and Jonathan Maberry comes this eleven page short story about the breakdown of the human psyche after the world dies.

On one side, the living toil under the relentless Florida sun to build hundreds of miles of fence. On the other side, millions of the living dead hunger for the flesh of the living. Between them is a line of chain link fencing through which blows a hot wind like the breath of hell. A wind that carries the stink of death and the endless moans of the dead. Jonathan Maberry the New York Times bestseller and multiple Bram Stoker award-winning author of Patient Zero, Marvel Zombies Return, Dead of Night, and Rot & Ruin opens a gate in the fence to allow a glimpse of the world after the Fall.

Crawl on over to Smashwords and buy your copy, now. Expect language, violence, and some seriously disturbing imagery about the absolute end of everything. For $0.99, you're cheating yourself if you don't.

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