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Monday, August 15, 2011

Marc Damicis Presented by the Undead Bazaar

Sara Ross

This week, THE UNDEAD BAZAAR is happy to feature the creepy cool art of Marc Damicis. First up for demo is the Zombie Coloring Book Fun Pack; Digest size (5½" x 8½"). 20 pages, saddle stapled with a purple paper cover and black & white illustrations by the artist. There are 16 “creepy, goofy, gooey, rotten, toothsome, eye-bulgey zombies” inside for you to color or abuse to your hearts content. They’ve even been given cute and fitting names like, Chomp, Nekkie, Rex, Slab & Hairy, just to name a few. Also contained inside is a written introduction to Marc’s own particular brand of Zombie and a few little extras in there, just for fun.

Also, check out his “Bouncing Zombie Fun” pin-back button set! There are red and purple, green and a nice putrid yellow too! There's even a vicious-looking, deep blue zombie. If that’s not enough, there is also bright pink, along with fleshy zombie, pale zombie, turquoise zombie, orange zombie, and there is even a secret 11th button...the mottled putrid zombie! This is fun for the whole deranged family.

How long have you been in business? I've been selling online, since 2001. But I've been making zines since 1988 and doing art & craft shows since 1992.

How did you get started? Selling art?...Back in the day, I remember starting with a few weird art zines and silk screened shirts, though I gave away more than I sold. A little later, I got into vending at alternative music events selling this tribal-monster-mask ceramic jewelry I used to make.

What is the inspiration for your art? Some inspirations include: Horror, monster, sci-fi, and fantasy genres in film and fiction. Indigenous art traditions of various cultures. And the anxieties of everyday existence.

What is your favorite zombie movie/book/game? Favorite zombie movie is probably Dawn of the Dead, the original Romero version from 1979. My favorite zombie game is the Resident Evil video game series.

What was your first exposure to zombies? I think it was through Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine from the 70's and early 80's. And also seeing the film, “Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things” on TV as a kid. Kind of brutal for an 8 or 9 year old perhaps. It really did scare me terribly. My parents shouldn’t of let me watch it.

How do zombies play a role in your art? The Zombie itself does not play as much a role as it did in earlier days. However, I've always felt that zombies symbolized fears and anxieties in relation to human degeneration, social degeneration, disease, epidemics, and an apocalypse of sorts. These ideas continue to play a role in my art.

Who/what are some of your favorite artists or art styles, or your biggest inspirations? The artists who worked on various weird and monsterry trading cards & stickers from the 60's and 70's, like Wacky packages and Ugly Stickers. A few of these artists are Basil Wolverton, Norm Saunders, Wally Wood. I had Ugly Stickers when I was 4 years old, and those artistic styles still resonate with me today. There are also a number of artists from the Underground Comics era that are big favorites as well

If bitten by a zombie, should we leave you to change or shoot you? ? I would probably want to be left. I figure that, though unlikely it may be, if a cure should come along, I'd still have a chance right? Being cornered by zombies and about to be eaten might be a different story.

If made into a toy, would you be a zombie or survivor? Whataccessories would you come with? A survivor, and accessories should include a variety of firearms and ammo and maybe some explosives.

What is your favorite subject/image to craft/paint/draw, and why? Anything strange, creaturely, skully, and monsterish! As for why I'm compelled to draw, paint, and sculpt these things: It's most likely due to experiences as a kid. From the TV shows, movies, & magazines I looked at, and of course the trading cards, stickers, and monster toys I collected. That stuff must've left a lasting impression.

What can you tell us about your piece that is being given away? I guess the idea behind my Zombie Coloring Book is a grotesque novelty. It's the combination of something cute and childish, an innocent coloring book, with something strange and potentially horrible which are pictures of zombies. As it turned out though, the zombies are actually quite tame...More cartooney and weird rather than realistically gruesome.

With today's feature, you can enter to win your own copy of Marc's Zombie Coloring Book! All you have to do is the same thing we always ask you to do: send us an email to with your name and adress included. Watch for the wrap up of this years UNDEAD BAZAAR coming to see all of our contest winners.

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