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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Exclusive Updates Now Available!

We're working hard to improve Zombies & Toys and provide our readers with new ways to enjoy our passion for... well... zombies and toys.  Our latest effort is the launch of our email newsletter.  Designed to keep you up-to-date of the latest offerings from The Zombie Toy Store, we promise not to spam you.

Updates will only be sent to announce new items in stock, pre-orders, and exclusive sales.  Our initial newsletter announcement is being made right here!  After all, nobody has subscribed yet.  So, our first limited time offering is a sale on our Feasting Zombie Plush available now for only $4.99.  Take advantage and subscribe to our new newsletter in order to receive future offers and announcements!

Squeeze this cute-ish zombie's head to hear him "chomp, chomp, chomp" on your brain only to belch when he's finished.

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