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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Custom Zombie Portraits

Todd Jepperson

If you’ve been following the blog long, you’ll remember a friend of ours, Carter Reid. He’s the creator and caretaker of the webcomic, The Zombie Nation.

Well, things are going pretty well for him over there and he’s added a few new items to his store; namely, Zombie Portraits. That’s right. Mr. Reid is using his talents to kill and reanimate anyone with a couple of Jacksons to rub together. I would tell you all about them, but I think I’d wear off some of his shine. Instead, here’s what the artist has to say:

Tired of smelling good and looking good? Do you want to see what you'll look like when the ravenous horde inevitably drags you down and converts you to zombiism? Hell yeah! We all want that!
Now for a mere fifty bucks I will happily take your picture, predict the future, and convert you into the most stomach turning zombie that you can possibly be. Awesome, I know!!!
Here's how this works. You simply purchase how many people you want in your zombie portrait. After paying I contact you and get a photograph of you and any others in the shot through e-mail. About a week later I send you a breathtakingly beautiful glossy photograph as well as the original signed pencil illustration. You simply frame that sucker up and suddenly you are the envy of all your peers.
As well as owning one of a kind art that will last through the ages you will also gain the sweet satisfaction of supporting my epic web comic and helping prove to my in-laws and various ex-wives that I don't suck. Seriously, why are you not ordering these already?

See what I mean about the shininess? Now, let’s talk details. You may not believe it from his fluid cartoon skills, but Carter has some serious ability to do realism. Just to give you an idea, here’s my personal sketch.

And here's the finished product:

He doesn’t just trace your face and draw in a little gore, he actually desiccates the fleshy bits and creates a believable rendition of what you just might look like after a day or two on the other side. Didn’t I tell you he was good? Swing on by The Zombie Nation store and pay your dues. Carter’s raising a Zombie army. You’ll probably wanna be a part of it.

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