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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zombie-Proof House

Matt Boiselle

Ok zombie lovers, I know that the recent recession has hit us all pretty hard in the wallet, gas is going way up, we are being taxed on everything from booze to cigarettes to dog grooming ( no lie - look it up). But the area of business taking the biggest blow has been the real estate market. Well maybe people haven't been looking for the right house....until now!! A home-building company known as KWK Promes, has recently started mock ups for what is being called "The Safe House". This house is supposedly engineered to repel a full blown zombie apocalypse, compete with moving concrete walls that actually fold over all windows and open areas when the owner hits the "panic" alarm. Unbelievable ?? You ain't heard nothin yet. The house has only one entrance (on the second floor) which can only be accessed by crossing a drawbridge. Prices have not been set but the builders are willing to discuss with you whatever you need to help you become better prepared and safeguarded in the event of an undead Armageddon. Look at it this way...if you want the house, hopefully the end of the world will occur before your mortgage payments start !


  1. Haha genius I can now sleep better at night knowing this house exists. ;p

  2. There aint no zombies getting in here! lol.

  3. it's only missing a snipers nest.... guess I can custom order that, right? with a range finder?

  4. The Safe House goes for roughly 2 million euros.


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