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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ultimate Zombie Shotgun

Matt Boiselle

His name is Creek Stewart, and he might have just created the greatest zombie killing weapon ever. In an attempt to bolster the defense needed to survive a zombie outbreak, this hardcore survivalist has designed ( prototype only) a 19 shot pump-action shotgun capable of taking down the most evil of flesh eaters. Here is the skinny on this weapon of undead destruction: comes equipped with signal flares, 3 separate storage cases located in the stock, pump & pistol grips able to carry such needed items like matches, steel wool, firestarters,a folding baking pan ( guess if you want some brownies while on the run), trash bags, a fishing kit, non- lubricated condoms ( don't ask), water purification tabs, a survival blanket, first aid kit, a whistle and 25 feet of "snare wire" tightly coiled in the buttstock. All of this comes with the option to have a 5 inch military ka-bar knife mounted like a bayonet. Price is currently unavailable as this is merely a mock-up, but if you had the cash to spare, I'm sure Mr. Stewart would listen. This sounds like some kind of demented blueprint made up by a group of angry Boy Scouts, but hey if you want to keep from becoming just another run of the mill zombie treat, this is your weapon of salvation.

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