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Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: HUMAgeddon from Knightwatch Press

Todd Jepperson

We all know what will happen when the Z-virus finally rears its necrotic head; there’s the end of civilization, massive population extinctions, and bands of survivors joining together to make humanity’s last stand . . . but then what? What happens after the end of everything? Robert Butt and Scott Twells via Knightwatch Comic Books introduce HUMAgeddon, where the Zombies have colonized and the humans are the ones invading.

There are things that I both like and dislike about this comic. Firstly, I like the fresh take on the genre. In my world, people always win. I love zombies, but, that doesn’t mean I have to like them. In HUMAgeddon, the time has come for us to take our lives back and send the monsters running for their . . . undeaths? However, the Zombies in the comic talk, think, and feel. They live in family units where the kids look to Mom and Dad for safety and direction and humans have no regard for them whatsoever. The art is very rough and dark with a healthy heap of splattery violence. Dialogue is lacking and cliché. All of that said, the story line intrigues me enough that I’m interested in what comes next.

For me, I can do without children huddling behind their mothers being slaughtered. I could use a little more character development, and a deeper story line. However, if you’re interested in a gritty, dark twist on the genre that’s easy to read and visually engaging, HUMAgeddon just may be the thing you’re looking for. Drag yourself over to the Knightwatch Press main site by clicking the link and grab a copy for yourself.

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