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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ninja Zombies Trailer Now Available

Matt Boiselle

Can you imagine meshing two entertaining genres of film together into one off the wall mix of blood, guts and.......ninjas ??? Well have we got the movie for you, because director Noah Cooper has unveiled his newest low-budget vision for us all to see. Ninja Zombies will surely entertain both the Kung-Fu theater crowd as well as the gore hounds looking for some blood. Here is your straight to the bone synopsis: slacker Dameon has been having some crazy dreams involving a samurai and a very powerful sword the capability to raise the dead. When he stumbles across an ancient chest holding clues about his family, he finds out that the sword is very real and the samurai was one of his ancestors. Dameon's roommate then attempts to translate the journal and as she is doing this, she locates the sword which brings her recently departed brother back to life, along with quite a few undead ninjas. Check out the trailer below because unfortunately that is all that's available right now as no release date has been set.

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