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Friday, July 8, 2011

Joe Ledger: The Missing Files

Todd Jepperson

Remember our review of Patient Zero, the novel by Jonathan Maberry? Well, in that book, we learned all about a Baltimore P.D. Detective named Joe Ledger and a top secret branch of government called The Department of Militarty Sciences. In Patient Zero, Ledger is up against Seif al Din (read: the zombie plague); in The Dragon Factory, it’s eugenics; and in King of Plagues it’s a whole new level of evil revisited with the 10 biblical plagues of Egypt. Joe’s been around and killed them all; or has he?

Coming soon, from Blackstone Audio, is Joe Ledger: the Missing Files. This audio anthology, read by Ray Porter, will contain five short stories detailing how the boss of Echo Team spends his free time.

Countdown is a prequel to Patient Zero where you can learn all about Joe’s big promotion.

Zero Tolerance is an audio version of the sequel story to Patient Zero which appeared in The Living Dead 2; the DMS gets back to work on Seif al Din and wraps up all the loose ends.

In Deep, Dark, Joe finds himself about a mile underground on assignment to contain a military experiment gone tragically awry.

Material Witness will have fans of Maberry’s first horror series riding shotgun down memory lane when Joe visits the creepy little town of Pine Deep where “nothing is what it seems.”

Also included will be the exclusive, and all new, Dog Days. In the wake of personal tragedy, Ledger takes some time off to get himself a little R&;R; hunting the world’s most dangerous assassin.

This anthology is set for release on the first of August, 2011. You can snag your own copy either on the Blackstone Audio site or Amazon. Don’t miss it!

JONATHAN MABERRY is the New York Times bestselling and multiple Bram Stoker Award–winning author of Ghost Road Blues, the first of a trilogy of thrillers with a supernatural bite. A professional writer and writing teacher, he has sold more than one thousand articles, seventeen nonfiction books, six novels, and two plays. Check him out at


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