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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dead Island Pre-order Incentives from Steam

David Brown

A few weeks ago we mentioned the Dead Isalnd pre-order incentives being offered by Gamestop here.  It seems that Steam is offering the same bonuses as Gamestop: 

  • The Ripper: A baseball bat combined with a rotary saw
  • The Bloodbath Arena DLC is another pre-order bonus, and pits players against multiple waves of zombies.
  • The Sonic Pulse Grenade: A new weapon offered in conjunction with the Bloodbath Arena.
The game will cost $50 on Steam and $59.99 on XBOX360 and PS3.  Steam is offering an incentive in that buying four copies of the game will only cost $150 which will but the average cost per copy of the game to $37.50, a great deal if you can find the friends to go in on this with you.  

As always, stay tuned to the site as we continue to receive more information on this game that looks to reinvent the zombie game genre. 

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