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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dead Alive Blu-Ray Set to Reanimate October 4th

Matt Boiselle

Attention zombie lovers!! Coming this October 4th, one of the wildest, goriest, and without a doubt most over the top films to be released in a long time will crash into your homes when it is unleashed on Blu-Ray format. Directed by Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson ( Lord of the Rings trilogy), this absolute gore-fest will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and to be blatantly honest, if you haven't seen this film must!! In a nutshell, the story revolves around a mama's boy who is forced into looking after his overbearing, evil to the core mother. The mama's boy meets the girl of his dreams.....but mom isn't so happy with the attention now off of her, so she attempts to ruin her son's new love relationship, oh yeah did I forget to mention that mommy has just been bitten by a Sumatran Rat Monkey? Yep, mother is now a blood-thirsty zombie and is spreading her undead disease across the town. Will the mama's boy save the day? Will he save his new girlfriend? Will you be able to sit through all of the stomach-churning scenes? You will only be able to uncover these answers if you purchase this awesomely psychotic film when it rolls onto the market. Unfortunately there hasn't been any info about the price, special features, or whether or not this will be the US unrated version or the overseas director's cut. Any way you slice it fans, this film is worth a look and should be listed soon on Amazon's pre-order page so bust out your shiny credit cards and order now!!!


  1. oooo... Dead alive in high def! I will be getting me that!

  2. Squee! Can't wait! One of the best zombie movies ever!


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