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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Building block or road block? Does new zombie defense game deliver? Dead Block review

We all think we know how we would handle a zombie apocalypse but do we really? Would we know how to set traps and board windows? Would we know how to find wood and prep freezing machines in order to fend off undead hordes raised by rock n' roll?

Dead Block is giving us the chance to find out.

Candygun Games' downloadable game allows players to board up windows, set up traps of hot grease and ice cold freon all while holding off the brain-chewing zombies roaming your town. The graphics are well done in their effect to put you in a 50's-ish town with ghouls outside the window. Use of quick-time events allow your character (either a construction worker, traffic warden or boy scout) to build barricades faster and search debris for items quicker. The sounds work as the music sets the tone and the atmosphere, striking somewhere between days of soda pop and nights of living dead.

Dead Block can be played by four players in a split-screen format. For those who want to go it alone, there is a 10 level single-player campaign.

Zombie factor? High. Dead Block is a fun and spooky game that for 800 points or $9.99 can't be beat. It's a nice shift from big FPS shooters and RPGs running amok on our consoles. So, grab your hammer and pray you've got enough boards to make it through the night. They're coming to get you, gamer! So get Dead Block first.

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