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Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Bible for the undead" app free this weekend!

Bibles offer guidance in religion or sometimes, the term is used for a must-have manual. When the world ends in brain-hungry ghouls, we may all need a little direction. But surely the undead will know what to do.
Or will they?
Actor and writer Pat Kilban thinks differently - zombies need some guidance too.
This weekend, undead fans will be able to download the free Lite version of "Brain Eater's Bible" for the iPad. While not a zombification of religious text, the Brain Eater's Bible is essentially a guidebook for the newly risen and resurrected and how to navigate dangers they may face. The app will guide new zombies about anatomy, the need for brains and the early stages of coming back from the dead.

The application, "written" by zombie J.D. McGhoul, will publish, in its lite version, the entire first chapter of the book. The chapter will feature interactive photos, diagrams and videos all centered around surviving the zombie apocalypse when you're the zombie.

Kilban may be well known for his work on Fox's MAD TV and Seinfeld. The actor also appeared in feature films such as Evolution and Day of the Dead.

For more information, go to The full-length version of the application will cost $4.99 for a limited time this holiday weekend and is available via iTunes. The hardcover copy of the Brain Eater's Bible can be purchased at

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