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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Zombie Nation: Presented by the Undead Bazaar

Todd Jepperson

Back in March, we introduced to you the blog and comic of Mr. Carter Reid. He's the creator, illustrator, and lunatic behind The Zombie Nation. Well, we've become 'friends' since then. At least I think we're friends; albeit the really awkward 'I don't wear clothes while I stalk you' kind.

Alot of things have happend over there during these past few months, and we're proud to have him onboard this years UNDEAD BAZAAR! Since last time, Carter has opened a store and stocked it with all kinds of smart and sophisticated pieces of technology to help you get through any apocalypse.

While you're there, don't forget to check out his 'Build a Zombie' flash thing-er ma-jig (yes, that's the technical term) his 'Build Your Own Necronomicon' tutorial and his free to use Zombie Paper Doll.

Let’s not keep them waiting. Carter, Would you mind introducing yourself to the people?

Sure, My name’s Carter Reid and I’m the madman behind the webcomic and blog “”

What's your story, or I guess, how did you get your start with The Zombie Nation?

I just got very frustrated one day that so many people were making awesome artwork and I was just sitting around playing Xbox all day and picking my nose. Now it’s great having an incredibly clean nose, but it doesn’t satisfy the urge to create…. Unless I suppose you create art with the stuff from your nose, you know what? I don’t want to think about that.

How long has the site been in business?

About two years or so, but it’s only been this year that I decided to take it more seriously and try to make a business at it. A profitable business is a great way to justify to the wife all the time spent on a hobby you would otherwise do for free.

Are there any artists in particular that have twisted your mind into the frightening place it is today?

Brom, Micheal Whelan, Keith Parkenson, and all the illustrators behind the old “EC” comics… Now that was some crazy stuff.

EC? I'll have to ask my friend Google about that one. Speaking of, tell us your favorites: Movie(s) Book(s) Game(s)?

I love almost every Romero movie made, with the notable exception of “Survival” I also love the zombie comedies. “Shaun of the Dead” and “Fido” being my favorites.

I don’t really read a lot of Zombie books. For some reason I like my zombies in about two hour increments which is great for movies, not so much for books. Maybe I’ll get over that some day. I consume (Pun intended) all forms of zombie games. I loves them.

Most of us have a trauma story (mine is the movie IT when I was about five), what's yours? What was your first exposure to Zombies or Horror in general?

Oh yes I snuck down to the living room to watch “Night of the Living Dead” as a kid. And it was terror/love at first site. I was completely obsessed from that point on. The ultimate fear I think we have as humans is of death, and here was death itself trying to claim the survivors in that farm house.

To say it left an impression on my feeble little child’s brain is an understatement.

Obviously, your comic and posters have everything to do with the creeping dead, but we each have our own brand. How are the monsters in your work the same/different than others we've come to know and love?

My zombies break all the rules and I love it. They are smart, run, never seem to rot past a certain point, magically heal themselves, the works. They basically are a bunch of smart ass zombie slackers and the fact that they are now undead living in the zombie apocalypse they haven’t changed much from when they were alive… maybe they are a bit smellier… Oh and also the cannibalism, but that’s it.

Tell us about your characters. What are their stories? Do you base them off from anyone you know, or secretly wish you knew?

For legal purposes the characters are in no way, shape, or form based on anyone who could sue me. They are all your average slacker pervy friends from college, with the notable difference that they are dead.

I suppose it’s inevitable that since I’m writing them that aspects of my own personality will become theirs. Unless what they do is exceptionally offensive then I swear I’ll deny having anything to do with it.

If our readers ever wanted a custom print, do you take commissions? How would one go about making the request?

Sure I do commissions. It’s about sixty buck a person and just e-mail me from the contact page of my site if you’re interested. I’ll be adding that as an option in my store as soon as I can as well.

How big do you plan to let this thing grow before it starts to concern you?

Of course I hope it grows to monstrous proportions dwarfing all other comics who have gone before it. I pray each day that I may one day use this comic to smite my enemies and steal their women.

Seriously though I just want to do more cons, get more product, and keep trying to improve the comic day by day. If it ever becomes my full time job that would be awesome too, but I’m realistic about it. I know it will be incredibly hard, but what else am I going to do with my time?

We already know who's responsible for influencing your style, but who is/are your favorite artist? What about their work makes them stand out to you?

I’m a big fan of Skott Kurts from PVP, Mike and Jerry from Penny Arcade and Dave Kellit from Sheldon Comics. Their artistic style, writing, and sense of timing is something I admire a great deal.

So, we've been camped out in your grandma's basement playing Xbox since the world ended. You go out to the out to the walk-in for some caffiene and take a chomp on the arm. Do you want to be put down like the dog you are, or is there hope for you? Should we hold out for a cure?

Hell no I don’t want to be shot! First off I’m so manly there is a high likelihood I’m just going to shrug the effects off (What? It could happen) Second, what if being a zombie is pure awesome. Like the ultimate beer buzz that never ends. I don’t want to miss out on that. Besides being human is waaaay over rated. Zombiism is where it’s at, all the cool kids are doing it.

Alright, I’ve gotta be honest. I was gonna shoot you anyway, but hey, it could be worse. We know people in the biz who have agreed to immortalize you as a kick-ass Carter Reid action figure; would you prefer to be a zombie or one of the survivors? Probably more importantly, what accessories would you like to come with?

You were going to shoot me? But…. But…. I’m so adorable! How could you? Fine, I’ll just practice ducking.

I want to be immortalized as a zombie. Nobody gives a crap, about the survivors in a zombie movie. Let’s be honest we’re all starting to get annoyed with the survivors poor decision making abilities by the end of the movie and you’re praying they get eaten.

That’s why I want to be a zombie action figure, as for an accessory give me the “Kung Foo Grip” so that no one can get away from me. Also a bullet proof helmet would be nice.

It’s been fun man, thanks for bringing us your unique brand of Zombie humor and being such a good sport for Zombies and Toys. Before we sign off, though, we’ve gotta let the people know where to go for all things The Zombie Nation. What’s your preferred outlet for the things you do? How do you peddle your wares?

Just head on over to my site “” for the comic and blog, and if you find yourself with an excessive amount of cash and wish to support my madness there’s a link to the store on my site’s menu bar.

I swear on a stack of Necronomicons that every purchase from my store will make you a sexier human being and may even contribute to world peace… or something.

(All Sexiness and world peace to be hand delivered by Carter Reid of The Zombie Nation)

So in review, The Zombie Nation has done some growing. Check out the comics, swing by the extras, stop in and see the new store, spend loads of cash, become better looking, and contribute to world peace.

Carter has also agreed to send not one, but three lucky readers home with their very own 12X18 Necronomicon poster. Between you and us, these things are not your typical posters. They're printed on shiny 20mil poly which makes them almost bomb proof.

To enter, send your name and address to Again, we'll draw winners sometime around the end of June. Thanks, Carter. Here's to the lesser men about to be crushed under your booted heels and the women around the world preparing to swoon over you. Best of luck.

There's more to come in this year's UNDEAD BAZAAR. You might as well add us to your favorites by pressing ctrl+d now, just to make things easier on yourself on Wednesday, when we present another feature and artist right here on Z&T!


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