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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse 2 Announced

David Brown

With E3 in full swing there has been an influx of news on zombie games that will be releasing soon. The latest announcement comes from Konami in the news of Zombie Apocalypse 2. Zombie Apocalypse 2 is the sequel to 2009's Zombie Apocalypse, a game that many grew fond of for its fast paced zombie killing action. It is looking to be released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The story includes four new heroes must attempt to survive a zombie uprising.The quartet is stranded on a remote island which is under siege from an army of the dead. Using whatever weapons come to hand, the player must scour the island looking for survivors and eliminating the flesh-eaters in order to create safe zones.

As in the first game the player will use both sticks to turn and shoot in all directions. New to Zombie Apocalypse 2 is a new class-based system allows users to switch weapons between each other, and also distribute powers and energy to those that need it. Even though details are still sketchy we do know that it is looking to be released in Quarter 4 of this year. Continue to follow us on the site as we bring you more information on this game as we get it.


  1. I wish it was for PC. I play shooting games better with a mouse and keyboard as aiming is superior to a controller.


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