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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kristy Kizzee: Presented by the Undead Bazaar

Sara Ross

If you are a needlecrafter who is looking for some non-traditional patterns to stitch, Kristy Kizzee is just the designer you are after. Kristy features her unique cross stitch patterns in her etsy store, and also has a book and kit called Zombie Cross-Stitch: 12 Patterns to Raise the Dead published by Sterling. Kristy has been sharing her amazing designs with the world for almost 4 years now. Much of her inspiration comes from her husband, Donnie Kizzee, who is a tattoo artist. Kristy is also inspired by movies, music, and other things she loves when creating her patterns.

Kristy’s interest in zombies began in 1985, after a trip to the drive in to see The Return of the Living Dead. Her favorite zombie movies are Night of the Living Dead (1965) and Shaun of the Dead. In case of a zombie attack, Kristy would rely on her husband (“He’s tougher than Bear Grylls”) to prevent from being bitten, and would be a survivor with a machete that could cut zombie heads off with one swing.

Having had the opportunity to receive and stitch Kristy’s designs from Zombie Cross-Stitch: 12 Patterns to Raise the Dead, I can say that it is a great place to begin even if you have not cross-stitched before. The book is well-written, with clear instructions on how to cross stitch. The kit is complete with pretty much everything you need to get going immediately, save for a pair of scissors. None of the patterns are so difficult that a beginner could not follow them, but most are also interesting enough that an experienced stitcher would be able to enjoy them as well.

If you are not a stitcher, or if you are and don’t have the time to complete everything you would like, I am sharing one of Kristy’s stitched, (unprofessionally) framed designs that I completed. The simple but true statement that “Zombies only want you for your brains” stitched in two-tone reds can be yours by sending your name and address to One entry per person, and we will draw a winner in four weeks.

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  1. What amazing patterns! I need to get over to her shop.


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