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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spooky Empire's Mayhem Orlando


Spooky Empire’s May-Hem was a weekend that will go down in history as one of the best weekends EVER! We arrived at the con and realized that, for once in our lives, we meshed with everyone else that was there! The conference area was huge with separate rooms for the vendors and the guests. It was impressive how they kept the lines for autographs super organized. They didn't just allow the lines to crowd in one room making it impossible to get anything signed.

As soon as we walked into the celeb room, one of the ladies from Evil Dead came over and began talking to me about my youngest son and asked if they could grab his feet. (which I found amusing since she wasn’t in the basement anymore and she still loved to grab feet!) Soon afterward we met Michael Kenworthy (The Blob, Return of the Living Dead II) and may I just say he was AMAZING! So super nice and easy to talk to! He was great, which was nice since this was my first convention, not to mention doing press stuff. He made us feel at ease, took pictures with us, and even placed our business cards on his table. I gave him a hat that I made and he recently took it with him to an awards ceremony he attended! Such an awesome guy. If you get the chance to meet him, do it!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Bill Hinzman (zombie #1 from Night of the Living Dead! "They’re coming to get you Barbara!") He was really nice as well. He told us he doesn’t like new horror films and he misses when he and “George” (really, he is speaking of his friend Mr. Romero!) used to do it for fun! Melissa Cowan (bicycle girl from The Walking Dead) was next to him and we got to speak with her, she was like a friend instantly! She also wanted a hat and some Zombies and Toys swag, so we hooked her up right away. She returned the favor and hooked us up with some SIGNED photos to give away to some lucky Zombies and Toys readers!

Steven Yeun (Glenn from The Walking Dead) was so funny and cool in person! He allowed me to draw on his arm and was so great with the kids from The Walking Dead. They created a game called awesome ball and included my niece in playing just like she was one of their friends!

Adrian Kali Turner (Duane from The Walking Dead) is so great to speak with! His mom is also super nice and supportive of him. I didn’t realize this, but we were talking and I found out that Adrian has also been on ICarly (for those of you who have children who watch Nick, you understand how big a deal that is) If you would like to see more of him check out his new film, Bad Teacher, being released June 24th. I can’t wait because I think he is an amazing actor as well as a really great kid!

Chandler Riggs (Carl The Walking Dead) is sweet as can be. He is quiet (but not shy) and so nice. He was really funny during the Walking Dead Q&A (which you can check out soon on our blog!)

Now I have to tell you about the charming and handsome Greg Nicotero (special effects artist for The Walking Dead and every other awesome movie). He is so hysterical, very open, and amazing to talk to and interact with. He took several photos with us, chatted with us for about 30 minutes, and drew some custom blood splatter on my volume 1 Walking Dead Comic. He adores Addy and all the actors from The Walking Dead and even had people acting as zombies to see if they could make the cut for his “zombie school”. We spoke with him for a while and he still would not reveal ANYTHING about the new season coming out soon! But, he did say it was going to be great and, if you are like me, you can’t freaking wait to see what happens next!

Everyone we met was very humble and nice. We couldn’t ask for a better cast of celebrities to meet and get to speak with. If you get the chance to see any of them in person DO IT!

Melissa Cowan will be at Fright Night in Louisville, KY July 22-24th as will Addy Miller (whom we will have an exclusive interview and article about coming soon! She is so amazing!).

Michael Kenworthy will be at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis July 1-3.
You CANNOT miss meeting. Meet these people and get their autograph;you WILL not regret it!

I will have upcoming blogs about the unbelievably creative vendors that we had the privilege of speaking with and purchasing some of their items! Also DO NOT miss my interview with Addy Miller. You won't wanna miss all of the great things we had the pleasure of learning about the gorgeous and amazing young lady!


  1. Looks like an AWESOME weekend!!

  2. killer report. i was so fricken jonesin to go. it just wasn't iin the cards for me tho...

  3. oh, and where can i get the hat from? would love one.

  4. Mindless you can get the hat from (there is a link on this page as well) I am gnat and the creator of the zombie hat as well as the lady who went to this amazing event... there is a lot on the site to check out so go look and order away... we will also be at the october event selling our wares as well as z and t stuff!

  5. I just saw your picture of Norman Reedus picking up your kid, but you didn't say anything about him. How was he?

  6. Norman Reedus was AMAZING when we took that pic he had not even checked into his room he was leaving the celeb room to go check in with his back pack on he put it down after I asked him to take a pic with us and he was like HELL YEAH so we did and he was SO nice. My kid btw was growling at him and making animal noises and he just laughed it off. Super nice guy I was really impressed seeing his kindness not only with us but with everyone that was there. Great guy and Sean Patrick Flannery is hysterical as well. We had no complaints for either of the "boondock saints"


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