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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dead Island Release Date and Updated Trailer

David Brown

If you have been following the site recently, you will know that there is a little game called Dead Island on the horizon. With details including an open island to explore, craftable weapons, and intense melee combat, there are already many reasons to pre-order. Fresh off the heels of E3 comes news from GameStop that they will be offering a number of preorder incentives including:

  • A free copy of the first DLC, a four-stage Bloodbath Arena

  • Access to that DLC's exclusive weapon, the Brain Wave Bomb

  • Blueprint for a weapon known as the Ripper
Also included in the announcement was the newly released "special edition" box art, shown above.

Also shown at E3 was a new trailer that looks to show more gameplay and a bit more background on the setting itself.

This is a great bit of news; which I, for one, hope will be the first of many great announcements. Be sure to keep following us for further news on pre-order bonuses and upcoming details on this great game; and be sure to pre-order your copy as soon as possible as the game releases for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC (September 6th in North America and worldwide September 9th.)


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