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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dead Island Cover Gets the Ban Hammer

Todd Jepperson

As you probably already know, Dead Island is the upcoming game title from Polish video game developer Techland to be released by Deep Silver for Windows, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 and distributed by Square Enix. The game is currently set for release on the first of August, 2011, and here’s hoping that it stays that way.

Last week, we showed you the latest game play footage and just this week the cover art was released.

(click for bigger Zombies)

Just to be a rabble-rouser, I’m going to point out a little change that you may or may not have noticed. It seems that someone from one of the three groups named above either decided (or had decided for them) to ‘edit’ the official game logo.

I’m definitely one to keep my young kids away from things I think they probably shouldn’t view, but c’mon. The game is called Dead Island. Horror. Zombies. Layered melee combat. I don’t think you really had to cut the Zombie down to make it less offensive to the masses.

[June 10, 2011 Update: It appears the reason for the change was a prompting from the ESRB. The logo was edited not for any specific appearance it presented about a hanging Zombie, they were okay with that, but because those who didn't know what the game was about might see the logo and think it's a murder/suicide. They don't wanna put their stamp on anything that promotes either of the two, so the hangman's noose got the axe.]

Anyway, as new details are released, we’ll let you know. It looks like this summer is going to be a good one for Zombie hunting.

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