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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bring out Your Dead

Todd Jepperson

Sadly, Wednesday’s post was the last of a series that we thoroughly enjoyed presenting by David Naughton-Shires. Thirty-one Zombies in the same number of days could not have been an easy task, but the challenge was accepted and overcome.

The good news? Back in February, we decided we’d start to share our favorite revenant images from around the WWW. That grew into more frequent posts of images, love songs, and television commercials, which grew, eventually, into Random Zombie Monday (because, who couldn’t use a little picker-upper to start their week?) Well, that tradition lives on.

The difference? We’re extending the opportunity to you, our readers. Every Monday, we’ll be posting a new Zombie, either that we’ve discovered; or that you’ve submitted, to be our mascot or slogan for the week. The call to bring out your dead has been made; so, submit your undead images, toys, screencaps, short video links, or even *shudder* zombie babes to along with your name, source, and/or artist credit (and try to keep them as family friendly as possible.) If your image is selected, we’ll drop names and there’s even a chance to land some free Z&T goods.

This week’s random zombie, again, attempts to answer the question, how long would you survive?

(click for bigger Zombies)

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