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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beat-up Creations: Presented by the Undead Bazaar

Sara Ross

We present to you Sculptor, Artist, and Dark Artisan of Fine Dinner Ware, Angela Rossi of BeatBlack and Beat up creations. Since 2009, Ms. Rossi has been taking unwanted, abused, and forgotten pieces of forlorn playthings and transforming them into darkly unique pieces of “raw, outsider art”. These one-of-a-kind talents have also brought fine pieces china back from the dead with a new, darker attitude.

Raised by a Father with a passion for fine art and an antique dealing Mother, Angela fell into her style almost by accident. She masterfully combined the seemingly dissimilar arenas into a field all her own. Beat Black is definitely a unique example of modern macabre. Visit the main site at and the store at

What is the inspiration for your art?
I am totally inspired by pop culture. My father was a fine artist and my mother was an antique dealer so I have a bit of that mixed with my art. I love taxidermy as well.

What was your first exposure to zombies?
I was first bitten on the eve of my 8th birthday and have been a walking zombie since.I really don’t know – I use to watch Day of the Living Dead over and over and over in the 80s – I must have been like 8 when we got a VHS copy of it.

How do zombies play a role in your art?
I love the juxtapose of the fine antique plate with zombie portrait. For me, it is like the perfect mix of traditional, pop, dark with a bit of humor.

Who/what are some of your favorite artists or art styles, or your biggest inspirations?
I’m totally in love with Sean Cheetham. I love the traditional fine art with the modern.

If bitten by a zombie, should we leave you to change or shoot you?
Shoot me, obviously

If made into a toy, would you be a zombie or survivor? Whataccessories would you come with?
Definitely a Zombie. My accessory would be my detachable leg that has been ripped off but I still want to keep it.

What is your favorite subject/image to craft/paint/draw, and why?
I love mixing the traditional with the dark side it gives such a juxtapose feel but seems to stay classy.

For the taking, Angela has offered this symbol of undying love. When Zombies take their vows, death never does them part.

For your chance to win, send an email with your name and address to: Again, a special thanks to Angela Rossi and Beat Up Creations for their participation in this year’s UNDEAD BAZAAR!

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  1. This is fantastic! As coincidence would have it I have been following Beat Up Creations on etsy for a few months, and I adore your work, Angela!


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