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Friday, June 10, 2011

Addy Miller Interview from Mayhem


I knew when I walked in to the Wyndham, to meet Addy and her mom, we were instantly going to be friends. It was the Thursday before Mayhem and we had been in the hot sun at Gatorland all day. I did not look like a person coming to interview them but they didn’t seem to mind at all. When we walked in, Addy and her Mom were relaxing in the lobby and were immediately inviting. It was like we had been friends for a while and were just getting to see each other on vacation. We talked about what we wanted to do and then headed to Addy’s room (where I proceeded to give her a doll I had made and some great Zombies and Toys swag. In return, she gave us some signed pictures for our personal collections).

We decided to go and get something to eat, because we were all starving. We ended up at a pizza place and I was amazed at how humble both Addy and her mom were about her status as a celebrity. At the pizza place, they were wearing Spooky Empire shirts and neither of them wanted to let anyone know who Addy was. The basic philosophy they carry is, “Addy is fortunate to be able to do something most kids will not get to do. She is not a celebrity nor famous just a kid who got to do something really cool.” I appreciate that outlook and it was nice to see that even though Addy is a celebrity, she is also a normal kid. She loves to do normal kid things like soccer. The last night of the event, she showed us some of her skills when she, and the other kids from The Walking Dead, invented a game called “Awesome Ball” (Steven Yeun was also in on this game). That evening Addy and my niece played as I spoke with her mom (we talked just like two moms hanging out). Eventually, we had to say goodbye and promised to see them the next day at Mayhem.

The next day when we walked into the celebrity room, we headed to Addy’s table and were received with hugs and hellos. Addy put out some of our Zombies and Toys cards on her table and was wearing her swag that we had given her the night before. She was so sweet and laid back. She and my niece became fast friends and played the entire weekend. We were all sad, on the last day, when we had to see them go. We vowed to stay in touch, and so far have kept that promise.

I also had the distinct pleasure of asking Addy a few questions, the interview went as follows:

What is your most memorable moment from your experience on The Walking Dead?
The stunts for sure! I loved doing the stunts. I also liked seeing Frank Darabont's reaction and being so happy from my scene! He would actually jump up and yell and I could tell he liked what I was doing. Everyone on set laughed. If I didn't have on all the makeup, everyone would have seen me smiling too!

How long did the makeup application take and what was that experience like?
Well, I had two people working on me in the makeup trailer (Garrett Immel and Andy Schoneburg), and that took about 2 1/2 hours. Then once I got to set, Greg (Nicotero) worked on me for another half an hour. It is actually more relaxing than you think. I just sit there and close my eyes and try not to fall asleep. As for wearing it? Well I think I had it on for about 7 hours that day, and it made it very hard to talk and eat. It was a bit uncomfortable, and I drooled all day long, which was definitely the worst part! (let me add here that Greg Nicotero and Addy's mom told me about this makeup, and it was no easy thing to wear. She was a super trooper!)

How did you come to be cast as the "zombie girl"? What did the audition consist of?
Actually I was contacted by casting to come in and audition. I think someone had seen me in another project I had done or had been submitted for, I'm not really sure. The casting people wouldn't tell us what it was for, they just gave a description of how to tape my audition. So my mom taped me and sent it in, and about a week later I learned they had cast me. I had to look "hungry" in my eyes and walk toward the camera - but with no makeup on - that was it!

Have you read TWD comics? What books or magazines do you enjoy?
Yes. Once I was cast, I went out and got the first volume and my mom and I read them (her reading it first, then me in case there is something I shouldn't see). Now we own all 13 volumes! I also like the Ramona book series and Monster High books.

Do you have any other exposure to zombies such as movies, books, or games?
If so, what are your favorites?
I had actually been a zombie before in another movie, an indie called One Last Sunset. Other than that, no, I have not seen other zombie films or books other than The Walking Dead. But now I love zombies. I have a zombie calendar that I can make zombie puppets from, I have the zombie Monster High doll, and the DS game called Plants vs. Zombies . I also play Zombie Farm on my mom's iPhone.

Do you find zombies scary or do you think being a part of "movie magic" just makes them another day at work?
It is just another day at work. I don't see it as scary at all, probably because I was one of them first. Just people in makeup.

Do you go to a public school? What do your friends and classmates think of your career or your zombie appearance?
No, I'm home schooled now, but I used to go to a private school. My close friends have seen a picture from The Walking Dead and are like "Is that you?" (laughing). They think it is very creepy, but they are very supportive of me and my career. To be honest, we don't really talk about it very much, since they have been my friends longer than I have been an actress.

Is there a chance we may see you in the series again? Maybe as a survivor?
I would love that! I really do not know what the show has planned for the future, we will have to wait and see.

Let's say that you are in the show again only this time as a survivor. If you were given a choice as to which toy they could make, zombie or survivor, which would you choose? What accessories would you come with?
Wow! Ok. Well, couldn't they do both? (smiling). It is hard to choose when I have only been one character. If they made my Little Girl Walker into a doll, she would definitely need to come with the bunny slippers and teddy bear!

Speaking of toys, what are some of your current and past favorites and why?
Well right now I really like Monster High Dolls and LIV dolls. I used to collect My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, and Webkinz when I was younger. I LOVE horses and have a ton of horse figurines and stuffed animals. To me they are just so beautiful and graceful.

The Millers are a joy to meet, and if you get the chance you should do so. They will be making appearances at Wizard World Philadelphia on June 17-19, Fright Night Film Fest on July 22-24, Wizard World Chicago on August 11-14, DragonCon in Atlanta September 2-5 and the Nashville Comic and Horror Convention October 1-2. I highly suggest you get out to see her and get something signed!

Addy will also has 2 feature films coming out soon the first is titled “Remnants” and will be out in fall of this year. Check out their Facebook page to keep up with the latest news on this film. She is also working on another film called “Plan 9” (It’s an Ed Wood remake so I am sure it will be a classic!). Addy can also be seen on the tv show “Ghost Trek” and you can check out their Facebook page here. If you want to check out Addy’s acting chops from the past check out her IMDB page.

Addy is an amazing and talented young lady. She needs our support to become the big star I know she is. Go see her; whether it be on film or in person. To keep up with everything coming up for her go and “like” her Facebook fan page You will be sorry if you don’t!

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