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Monday, May 30, 2011

Strike it Rich and Dead? Z&T Interview - Zombie Tycoon

Chad Hunter

When we hear the word "tycoon" we tend to think of oil barons and corner offices. Now, imagine striking it rich...and dead. Z & T go together with Annie Begin, Communications Director for Frima Studio, the makers behind the game Zombie Tycoon.

Zombies & Toys (ZT:) Hi Annie and welcome. Can you give us a basic description of Zombie Tycoon?

Annie Begin (Begin:) While usually, players have to face and stop an undead menace, as human, Zombie Tycoon lets you maneuver your very own ravenous zombie horde through towns and buildings. This unique tale of intrigue and betrayal spans over 10 challenging levels, animated cut-scenes and in-game dialogues, and lots of humorous references. The combat system allows players to burn cities to the ground as they attack humans and the places they call home. As players alternate fast-paced action and strategic execution, they can choose from over 100 quirky items to arm their zombies and attempt to spread the undead across the globe!

(ZT): Sounds very interesting. What was the inspiration for Zombie Tycoon

(Begin:) The idea of the brand was originally hatched in 2007. The popularity of both Tycoon and Zombie genre games gave us the idea to merge them into one title. With some ideas to develop a mobile game, our team started sketching an impressive collection of 2D zombies. Like most of Frima’s games, we made the visual style of Zombie Tycoon strongly satirical and cartoony.

(ZT:) What is the future of Zombie Tycoon? Will there be multiple console releases, sequels, etc?

(Begin:) Our team is planning a sequel of Zombie Tycoon scheduled to launch in late 2012. We are also using the Zombie Tycoon artwork and style to develop an animated 3D series on TV that will hopefully be further in development soon.

(ZT:) Can you tell us details on Frima Studio?

(Begin): Frima Studio is among Canada’s top game developers. Since 2003, the studio has provided clients around the world its multiplatform expertise by producing games on the web (MMO, Facebook, Flash), smartphones (iOS, Android), handheld consoles and next-gen consoles. Frima’s focus to continuously be at the leading edge of technology has helped the studio build strong partnerships with major players like Adobe, and be one of the few companies eligible to participate in the pre-release program of Molehill, Adobe’s new 3D Flash technology. Thanks to its talented team of 265 artists and programmers, Frima has emerged as a leader in the gaming industry. This was made possible by the groundbreaking visuals and technological achievements showcased in every one of the 300+ games that Frima produced. Frima has earned the trust of an impressive list of clients, including Sony, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Build-A-Bear Workshop and Nickelodeon.

(ZT:) Thank you Annie and Frima Studio for your time. Everyone make sure to check out Zombie Tycoon, unearthing itself near you! Check out the trailer for Zombie Tycoon here!

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