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Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Kid on the Block Shrunken Head Studios Will Scare Collectors to Pieces

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Brian Dooley of Shrunken Head Studios. I’m not surprised if you haven’t heard of SHS before, but after today, you will be hearing about them a lot. I have been interested in toys, comics, collectibles, and zombies long before the inception of Zombies & Toys. I can honestly say that I have never spoken to a person with more vision, determination, and enthusiasm about their art.

I am referring to Brian and his toy making. His background includes working at Sideshow Collectibles and Jim Hensen’s Creature Shop. And not just any old position at Sideshow, but one of the creators and sculptures of their “The Dead” series! With a love for horror films, old school horror comics, and toys, Brian created Shrunken Head Studios. Their first offering? A 1/6 scale accessory pack to make your 12” collectible figures shiver. Something tells me that we have a pretty good chance of seeing some equally impressive items from Shrunken Head in the future.

Appropriately called “Bits & Pieces”, this first series includes a machete, medieval axe, woodsman axe, meat clever, severed head, and severed arm. These accessories have incredible detail with subtle color changes, rust spots, and even visible wood grain on the handles. The severed head has a gash across the forehead that will even accept the weapons’ blades! A series such as this will delight collectors of 12” figures and horror fans alike.

With the title “series 1” included in its name, you can infer that we will also see a series two. And, yes, this is the case. While we cannot disclose what series two will contain, we can verify that it’s coming. Also in the works for Shrunken Head Studios is environment sets. Again, specifics are not available at this time, but you can expect some soon. The possibilities are endless… think of any of the creepy environments some of your favorite horror movie scenes took place in and it’s fair game.
Bits & Pieces will be available sometime in July and this limited edition set can be pre-ordered to guarantee you receive yours. While we can only present you with images at this time, expect a hands-on review once these are available. Another thing you can expect is the opportunity to win your own set thanks to Brian! As-is the case with all of our contests, all you need to do is email your name and address to In addition to the above info, we also want you to tell us what you would like to see in future Bits & Pieces accessory packs.  Contest concludes at the end of July.

Keep your eyes peeled right here for updates regarding our review and contest. As a toy collector and zombie fan, I can promise you that I will be watching this company and their offerings with great interest.  So you can count on being up-to-date.  You will also be able to catch some exclusive announcements from Shrunken Head Studios. There is plenty to look forward to and it’s only a matter of time before more great news unearths itself…

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