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Friday, May 27, 2011

More Dead Island Footage Released

David Brown

If you are like me, you love video games and zombies. You also have probably played games like Stubbs the Zombie, Dead Rising, or the Left 4 Dead series. In the recent months we have started to see the resurgence of hype over the game Dead Island. The trailer for it has been recut and even reversed to show the pure level of chaos that has erupted on a resort island following a zombie outbreak. The game is being billed for its improvised weaponry, great melee damage modeling, and a huge living world with many different factions of survivors to interact with.

Many were originally worried that this would just turn into a run and gun type game that Left 4 Dead had become. The good thing is that footage in the video shows that this is a melee weapon heavy game. The inclusion of a stamina system also prevents this from being a game where you can just hack and slash your way through. You must choose every shot and swipe carefully as your stamina will drain and you will tire, becoming defenseless to the zombie hoards. The number of zombies in this game is just staggering at times.

As of now this game looks to be a true survival horror zombie game the like of which hasn’t truly been seen in many years. Keep your sights posted here for more information as it becomes available on this great game that is set to be released later this year. With gameplay that is promising to be 25-30 hours in length, a number of different character classes to play, weapon crafting/customization and some great multiplayer play, this looks to be a good step for zombies in video games and a great leap for the horror genre in gaming. So without further ado, we give you the footage. Enjoy!

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