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Friday, April 29, 2011

Zombie Ohio: A Tale Of The Undead

Andy Ross

author: Scott Kenemore

Imagine that you wake up on the ground to find out that you were flung from your vehicle in an accident. Now factor in some amnesia coupled with a world plagued with walking corpses. Sound like a fun time? Hardly. The cherry on top of this undead sundae is that you are no longer living, but have become a walking, talking, thinking and (non) breathing zombie. This is the current “life” crisis of Peter Mellor when Zombie Ohio begins.

What do you do? Where do you go? How long until the higher functions cease and you fall as far as the rest of your zombie brethren? These are the worries Peter shares with us as he seeks out his loved ones and avoids those who wish to make his dying a little more permanent. Peter’s journey takes a turn for the unexpected when he finds that his car accident wasn’t quite an accident after all. With a new focus, Peter is determined to use his zombie status to his advantage in tracking down his murderer.

Scott Kenemore presents the tale of Peter Mellor in an interesting way. A zombie capable of speech and rational thought? Peter’s ability to function on a higher level opens many doors for his survival in the undead infested lands of Ohio. As he comes to grips with his newfound abilities and desires we get the inside scoop of what it feels like. Remember your first…anything? We get a first hand account of a multitude of zombie firsts by walking along side Peter.

The mixture of zombie horror and murder mystery makes for a compelling read. Humor is in no short supply and offsets the grisly reality that the human race is no match for the zombie armies that walk the earth. Peter’s world view and outlook on humanity make for a very likeable character with whom to take a journey. A zombie that elicits empathy? Largely unheard of, but there will be some that root for Peter as he goes through the motions of trying to remember clues that could lead him to his murder (all while stopping for the occasional brain snack).

Do yourself a favor, pick up the book and take a journey with quite possibly the smartest zombie you will ever meet. The book is a quick read, but there are enough instances of symbolism and little gems throughout that will bring you back for another visit to the zombie infested state of Ohio (is there really any other reason to come to Ohio)? Come for the brains, stay for the fun!
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  1. I can't think of any other reason to visit Ohio but that's probably because I live here.


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