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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Walking Dead News

It's no surprise that with AMC's comic book-based hit, The Walking Dead, returning this fall we will begin to see a bunch of new merchandise.  Not that I'm complaining.  The only collectibles we have had up until now are the statues and busts CS Moore Studio gave us (see our review).  So, I wanted to share with you a few links and tidbits that hold us over until season 2.

McFarlane Toys is bringing us The Walking Dead action figures.  There are two series ready to go with 4 characters in each.  Series One is giving us Rick, Michonne, and two zombies.  As a collector, I am happy to see McFarlane get this license.  Their toys are typically not known for their articulation, but the sculpts, poses, and accessories are generally top-notch.  We will be carrying these in the Zombie Toy Store but we are nearly pre-sold out already.  Pre-orders will be filled and I will continue to accept them until my distributor is dry.

Cryptozoic Entertainment will be bringing us a series of The Walking Dead trading cards.  The 72 card set will include events from the first season of the AMC series.  There will also be cards that will feature autographs and memorabilia from the show.  We will have more information about this set as it becomes available.

A funeral parlour was recently the home for a poster advertising The Walking Dead. Clear Channel, who is responsible for the sign, promptly made arrangements to have the sign removed.

Finally, there's a new horror-themed shirt company called Terror Threads that features some great, new The Walking Dead designs.  There are several other zombie shirts and, of course, general horror designs.  One word of warning: Don't go look unless you have money to spend.  A lot of these shirts are too nice to pass up.

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