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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Contest Winners

Join me in congratulating our recent contest winners!  Thank you to everyone who entered and, of course, to the sponsoring parties.  Don't forget, we are currently giving you the opportunity to win a free shirt from BigTime Teez and we will have several more contests beginning soon.  You can enter them all but only enter each once.

"Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?" book winners:
Alyson F. from Irwin, PA
Briana M. from Astoria, NY

"Rot and Ruin" by Jonathan Maberry book winner:
Jarrod B. from Warren, PA

"The Zombie Code" book winners:
Monet H.
Michael D.

Studio Miniatures contest winner:
Louie L. from Lexington, SC


  1. awn man...
    I'm really sad to lose the Studio Miniatures contest...
    Hope have other to play! Thanks Z&T and Studio Miniatures for the oportunity!

  2. I'm guessing you have e-mailed the winners as well? Just wondering becuase I share the name of one of the winners but it doesn't say where he's from haha

  3. WOW! I won! Really! That's awesome!!!!! Thanks Z&T!!!

  4. Winners have not been emailed yet. If you didn't include an address with your entry, the winner may be you!

  5. I'm sad about losing the minature's contest too, but congrats to all the winners!


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