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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can We Just Wait It Out?

Todd Jepperson

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve run through the zombie outbreak. Sometimes it’s just in my head while I’m slaving away for The Man; other times it’s just after waking from a kick-ass Zombie dream; and other times it’s full scale with a supply list, a map, and a specific objective in mind. Every time,though, there’s at least a small block that includes, “bunker down and wait it out”.

But, how long can you wait out the end of the world? Maybe someone will find a cure; maybe even before you take a taste test down memory lane, but who knows? Maybe you’ll be forced to spend the entire rest of your life hiding in a cellar doing your best to avoid being on the menu. Maybe it will never happen; but, maybe it will.

Over on the Zombie Research Society Blog, Jack the Intern is putting his body to the test; he’s going as long as possible without one bite of food. He’s got plenty of water and he’s not in any real physical danger, but he is definitely hungry.

“In Jack’s zombie survival situation he is stuck in a safe place with plenty of water but nothing else. He must wait out the zombie horde at his door in hopes of either being rescued or developing a workable escape plan. Meanwhile he has to work every day to solidify his defenses and scavenge the area, so he will not be allowed to sit around and do nothing.”

Today, Jack’s on day three of his Zombie survival challenge and is down six pounds. How far will he go? Follow his ‘tweets’ on the ZRS feed and see for yourself.

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