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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Zombie Recipe: Not Just a Mixed Drink Anymore

Todd Jepperson

So, do you remember our review of Jonathan Maberry’s novel, Patient Zero? (here) In that review, we mentioned that Maberry’s monsters were infected by a weaponized form of the Prion disease Fatal Familial Insomnia. Well, it may be that the writers for Popular Science magazine read our post. A couple weeks ago, they posted an article exploring the method by which these nasty little pseudo-proteins could shift the human machine into extinction overdrive.

In summary, the article covers Zombies from Haiti to Hollywood, and takes a little pause in between to demonstrate real world examples of the living dead in nature. It goes on to quote a guy named Steven Schlozman (author of The Zombie Autopsies) as he describes the war a Z-virus would have to wage on the human brain. They submit that the most likely scenario for this to happen would be infection by a “proteinaceous infectious particle, a prion”. The article then chases prions through the course of history back to a tribe of New Guinea cannibals who practiced none other than the eating of human brains.

It will only take about ten minutes to read the article, but it could take the rest of your life to come to terms with what you find there. Now might be a good time to start stockpiling that food storage. You don’t wait ‘til you’re thirsty to start digging a well and you don’t wait ‘til the world ends to start preparing for the apocalypse. You can view the full article by popping up on the other side of this link. Didn’t I tell you Zombies were real? You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

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