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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Zombie Code - book review

Sara Ross

The Zombie Code: Keys to Unlocking Your Undead Destiny is a practical guide for anyone needing a hand with understanding zombies in the human world. Written by Mark Raby and currently available through Marion Street Press, The Zombie Code is a concise yet informative guide that will let the reader in on many well-kept, elusive tricks of the zombie trade. Through his years of extensive and innovative research, and time spent in close proximity to zombies, Raby gained a rare expertise on all things undead, as well as a finesse for making friends with zombies. Willing to share his knowledge for the first time in this book, Raby will let the reader into his world and will provide little known facts as to zombie life, habits and more. Basically, it comes down to this: if you aren’t going to join the undead, it is best to learn about them, help them, and most importantly, make a buck or two in the process.

Raby’s experience with zombies began young, on a family vacation that went awry. The unusual circumstances made it so that seven-year-old Mark was never to see his (human) family again and instead would spend years secretly (then not-so-secretly) observing zombies. One thing led to another, and Raby was eventually doing top secret government work with the zombies all around us. I hear you saying, “Wait! What?” Yes, pick up the book, and you will see how zombies are everywhere. The Zombie Code will teach you the ways in which zombies have successfully managed to blend in all around us, without causing suspicion or alarm. Another well-kept secret that Raby reveals is a zombie’s favorite singer…and I would never spoil that surprise for you!

The Zombie Code will introduce many of Raby’s brilliant ideas for incorporating zombies into human society. This includes many inventions to make zombie life easier, such as brain cola, zombie translators, and zombie wigs. He explains his courses to increase zombies’ abilities to hold down jobs and defend themselves-as well as how to market and teach these classes. There are also a number of pursuits Raby has pioneered to help zombies have more of a culture, if you will, such as a cookbook, zombie magazines, and even zombie poetry (with several lovely examples included for your reading pleasure).

Raby also provides case studies of several zombies he has worked closely with, including Kenni and Marjorie. Kenni is a teenage zombie who, with the aid of Raby, was able to return to a human high school. Marjorie was one of Raby’s more extensive rehabilitation projects, but she now works undetected in a government post in Canada. Along these lines, Raby presents a section on the careers most suited for zombies, and the results may or may surprise you.

You may be wondering how Raby deals with the fact that zombies need to consume human brains, and that is covered in The Zombie Code as well. With vast sums of government funds and some sneaky crafting, Raby is able to help zombies appease these needs. His BLOODS network also plays a major role in this endeavor as well.

As for zombie dating and love? You can read that part on your own. Just one tip I learned: remember to count a female zombie’s fingers before you get too involved.

Also included are a number of tools to assist the reader in making the most of the book. There is a comprehensive dictionary of words zombies commonly use, as well as their correct zombie pronunciations. The Zombie Code of Conduct is included so the human reader can better understand what rules govern zombie behavior. Don’t miss the list of hints for tuning up your zombiedar; it is a skill that may serve you well one day. Lastly, if all of this information has made you curious as to what you would be like as a zomie, Raby has you covered there, too. You can take his Zombie Personality Test to imagine how you would fit in with a crowd of the undead.

If this has you intrigued, and realizing you need to brush up on your zombie knowledge, you are in luck. Marion Street Press has provided several copies of The Zombie Code for a few lucky readers of Zombies and Toys! To enter, send an email to . The winners will be selected at the end of March. If you can’t wait, you can pick up this essential handbook now…and get your brain in shape for a zombie-er, your undead destiny.

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