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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Z-SAT Review and Scores

David Brown

Many of you who have profiles on Facebook have no doubt come across those quizzes that ask you to answer some questions that will determine how long you would survive during the zombie apocalypse. My biggest problem with many of these quizzes is they tend to have a lot of unimportant questions. For example, how is the color I chose for my shorts going to affect my survival chances when zombies aren’t attracted to one color over another (as far as we know)?  Now, along comes the Z-SAT to correct this issue.

Anyone who has or will be taking the SAT for acceptance into college will find this to be a familiar test. Rather than questions about math, reading, and writing we are given questions about the deadliness of different zombie body types, ammo choice, and even travel choices. This is a real test. Most of the staff here at Zombies & Toys took at least three or four hours to complete the test. Do not be fooled by the cover, you will be tested and you will be forced to make some decisions that aren’t easy.

There is a lot of fun to be had in taking this test.  You truly have to think about answers to questions that have never been asked before. You feel a sense of accomplishment as you check answers to see if you are, in fact, as smart as you thought. Our biggest complaint about this book is that it seems a few of the questions could be just a matter of the author’s opinions. We all agreed that a few answers didn’t make sense based off of scenarios we had seen before in books, movies, and other media. It could be that there wasn't enough time or manpower available to research and gather facts or statistics which could be cited.  While the test was fun, it would have been nice to have answers that were validated.

The Z-SAT may have little flaws, but like any test it should not be taken as an exact measure.  This test is a way to measure base preparedness levels in the event that a real zombie apocalypse has begun. As stated earlier, our crew formed many opinions after taking this test. We have posted our scores for you to laugh at but encourage you to take the test yourself.  Pick up a copy of the Z-SAT and see how you stack up to the crew of Zobmies & Toys!

Dave - 82.76%
Sara - 59.67%
Todd - 73.98%
Jason - 63.58%
Gnat - 74.63%
Kala - 69.76%

Average - 70.73%

We are eager to hear how you score on the Z-SAT so make sure to let us know.  At the very least, look for a comment left here with the scores of our three contest winners!

Ronyo F. from Australia
Kimberly R. from Phoenix, AZ
Billy B. from Lynnwood, WA

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  1. Let's just say that Dave has now been inked into my Zombie Escape Plan.


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