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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Twist On Zombie Music

Dan Barkasi

Perspective can be everything. Especially considering a genre such as the one we cover here, an interesting viewpoint can be a difference maker in quality.

Enter Aaron Stoquert. This musician has made an EP titled “Run For Your Life,” which is five songs that tackle – you guessed it – zombies. However, the theme comes with a twist. All of the tracks tackle the idea of how a zombie may be feeling in certain situations, running a gamut of situations.

Lyrically, this is quite inspired work. It’s obvious that a great deal of time and care was put into putting these songs together. Here’s an excerpt of a lyrical passage from the song “Bunker Hill,” which is the opening song:

The wind won't blow and the fire is out
Arms of the dead have no comfort to give
Rock-a-bye baby--stay in one place
The world is coming to an end...

The music itself is deeply rooted in folk, and is very somber in it’s approach. Heavily dominated by acoustic guitars, and soothing – yet haunting – vocals, this EP is full of emotion that portrays a wide array of strong feelings. It’s very downtrodden, thought-provoking and masterfully crafted.

As I’m sure most of you have heard, a good deal of songs involving zombies can be quite silly in nature. Which isn’t a bad thing – a great deal of these songs are a blast to listen to. The fact that there is something like this that takes an introspective look into what a zombie may be experiencing, however, is a road that hasn’t been traveled until now.

Music that is full of thought and intriguing ideas is always welcome to this writer’s ears. “Run For Your Life” is a perfect example of that. Mr. Stoquert has done a brilliant job with this EP, which is a fantastic showcase of his talents. It’s well-written and performed, interesting, and has an approach that is beyond refreshing.

Be sure to check this out, as it’s easily worth the time. You can listen to all of the songs online – as well as download the EP for free – via this link ( There is the option to make a monetary donation of your choosing when completing your download, and I highly recommend you do so.

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