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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Green... and Gangrene

Chad Hunter

Night of the Living Dead t-shirts available via recycling of old shirts

Who said zombies don’t care about recycling? Now available through Neoflux Productions and Bootleg Horror, fans can get their own Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated t-shirts for the corpse-staggering price of 10 used shirts. By mailing in 10 used shirts and, after choosing ink colors and pinning this order form to the shirt you want the printing on, zombie-lovers can receive a NOTLD:R t-shirt pressed, printed, and packed free of charge via mail.

This is a great opportunity to reduce waste, promote recycling and reusing.  Shirts will be screen-printed by Bootleg Screen Printing. Free shipping is only within the US. International shipping will be pro-rated; email for International shipping details. Remember that zombies don’t just reanimate, they reuse and they recycle.

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