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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food for Thought

Todd Jepperson

There have been whisperings around the WWW that there was a vinyl toy artist somewhere creating Rubik’s cube puzzles in the form of a brain. Z&T is pretty good at swingin’ shovels, and we were able to dig up some goods.

We chased the rumor to a website called and vinyl toy artist Jason Freeny. Using the “Contact” link on the page, we put it to him straight. All of his work was awesome, but we needed to see his brain—well, not his brain, we’re not undead
. . . yet—no, the brain puzzle he created. After all of that, Jason was quick to respond to our email and here’s what he had to say,

“. . . the brain cube was initially created as an art piece, but once the images were let out it took on a life of [its] own. The cube is currently in review at several toy companies. Hopefully within the week one of them will be designated the company that will do a production run. It is all but certain this will happen.”

That was three weeks ago. Today I got an email update on the progress. Companies were very interested, and one of those companies must’ve struck a good deal because this thing is going production. The artist selected Marbles: the brain store, and things are in full charge. So, that's what we've got for you. If you want to see the process by which this masterpiece came to be, check out his Facebook page (here) and browse the photos.

Although this is the first piece from Jason I traced back to him, I have actually seen quite a few of his works. The one I remember specifically is the anatomical gummy bear, but his website and his Facebook page are stuffed full of everything from Hello Kitty to Super Mario to even My Little Pony. Nothing is sacred. No one is safe from his razor blade and vinyl attack and we reap the rewards of his craft.

If we can work it out, we’ll put the brain in the store and do our best to bring it to you faster and at the lowest possible price. You can count on it. Until then, please do yourself a favor and click on the links above. You won’t regret it.

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