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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bowling Zombies

Those of you paying attention to our updates on Facebook are most likely aware that we are selling Bowling Zombie sets in the Zombie Toy Store.  What you don't know, however, is we are stocking these because of a long overdue reveiw of these guys.

Made by Front Porch Classics, I received a set of Bowling Zombies to review.  After opening them, I quickly decided that they definitely needed to be a part of our store.  They are packaged in a sturdy tube that is worthy of being displayed in a zombie fan's collection.  This is a "table top" bowling game, so the included zombies are about 5" tall.  They are wooden and hand-painted with adequate and fun details.  There is one survivor, a screeming woman, that is most likely meant to be the front pin.  The bowling ball is a bomb with a painted wick. 

After passing my test of displayability (is that even a word?), I moved the Bowling Zombies through the gauntlet.  Next stop?  Work.  I often bring new toys to work in order to gauge responses of collegues.  To no surprise, they were a hit.  In fact, I have already sold several sets to co-workers with uses ranging from a portable vacation game for the family to a fun drinking game for a college student. 

The next test was with my children.  Their ages at the time were 5 and 3.  Play began with the two taking turns rolling the bomb at the zombies while your's truely set up pins after turns.  This continued for about an hour after which I became tired of constantly setting up the pins.  Even after I left the game, they continued to play for an additional hour.  Not only is this a testament as to the play-ability, but also to their durability.  The game started on the table with zombies being pounded by a ball and both being knocked onto the floor.  Later, the kids decided to take the game onto the floor where they could roll the ball with more momentum.  While they did miss the majority of the time, the set held up to their abuse.  The kids still grab my set from the zombie toy display and roll a few rounds.  While my set is still holding up, remember that they are wooden with paint.  So a few dents, dings, and scratches should be expected if they are used for play.

The final test is you, our readers.  If you want to buy a set, I encourage you to pick them up from us at the Zombie Toy Store.  They can also be found at various other retailers including Target online and Amazon.  But, you don't get free Zombies & Toys swag from other vendors.  You can also check out other offerings by Front Porch Classics with a visit to their home page.

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