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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Attention Decedents! Ad Agency looking for One Good Corpse

Todd Jepperson

This one is for our far North American friends living in or around Victoria, B.C. The company Copeland Communications is looking for a “spirited, creative, driven, social media-savvy . . . and dead” intern who’s not afraid to work among the living. They want twenty-five, unpaid, hours of you per week for at least two months. Remember, though, it’s Canada. Corpses tend to last longer in cold weather; so, they’ve got a pretty good idea you’ll last at least that long.

The trade-off? It’s probably best to let them tell you, we’d hate to get it wrong,

“As an intern, we will teach you what we know about the business. You will do research, be in strategic and creative brainstorms, meet clients, solve problems and participate fully in agency life. All the stuff that will set you up for success

. . .Our last two unpaid interns went directly to agency jobs. It’s a good thing to have on your resume and a great education in the biz. We may even hire you ourselves if you make yourself indispensable.

. . . Or eat you, as internal food supplies dictate.”

The contest is on now and will run through March 14th, 2011; so get something together ASAP. You probably don’t want to be the last submission they look at. Again, they’re not your traditional advertising firm. They prefer to go by “energy company” and they know they play by a whole new set of rules.

So here’s the deal: get inventive and enjoy yourself. They’re looking for a dog and pony show here, and you’d probably better deliver.

“We get enough resumes and cover letters. We want someone who understands the principles of selling and advertising. That’s our business! So we invite you to make your case anyway you like as long as the shambling grey guys with the bloody mouths figure into it.”

There you have it. It’s not impossible for a revenant to take a bite out of the pie the living seem to have ascended. Lumber your way over to the company blog (link) and check it out for yourself. Let us know if you happen to land the job ( We’d love to hear about it.


  1. Hey thanks for helping Copeland out. We had an amazing response to our contest. You can see the finalists here on our blog:

    The winner, finalist #2, also gets a decent honorarium along with the chance to learn from us. But these talented guys can probably teach us a thing or two as well!

  2. Not a problem, it's what we do. Great contest, man.


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