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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zombie Registration Made Easy

Todd Jepperson

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon something that caught my attention: Zombie Registration!

It took me a few weeks to get this post out for two reasons; one of them being my expectation that they would reply after I tried to contact them and the other being that I had to wait three weeks for my registration document to arrive in the mail.

Although I’m pretty disappointed in their “customer service”, the Supernatural Registration is pure novelty and worth every penny. Hop on over to their website and register as one of the many varieties of mythological type creature thingies for free. They’ll send you an email confirming your registration status and provide you with a link to your electronic registration certificate. My individual registration number is ZM1065051219US.

Also, if you want to shell out $5, they’ll print you up an official paper copy of your license. The document lists exactly the status of your registration, the inhuman activities you’re permitted to commit, and the area in which you’re allowed to commit them. To ice the cake, it comes with a completely illegible pen and ink signature at the bottom to fully authenticate the document.

My opinion? For five bucks, they could probably have printed it on something a little nicer than cheap inkjet paper and maybe, just maybe, they could’ve shipped it in a document envelope without folding it in thirds. Otherwise, it’s exactly what I expected. I, personally, will be framing it and hanging it in my office and have no regrets. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth the cash. Check them out at


  1. Awesome!

    BTW dude you've typo'ed the weblink.

  2. Thought I'd just share this with you..

    I've just registered with your site under the category of 'zombie' -having just heard about it through Zombies And Toys. However as a member of the undead I thought that it might be worth raising this enquiry. Whilst I can appreciate that your forms have to be of a somewhat generic nature it grates on my nerves to see zombies refereed to as 'non-human'. Whilst I can't personally speak for vampires, I would imagine that they too may well agree that this description doesn't really fit. True we've now kind of done the whole human thing. Been there, done that, worn the t-shirt etc. But you should never forget where you've come from, and be that from 6 feet under or other, we were once human. I wonder if therefore you'd consider making some kind of amendment, or addition to the existing form?

    Catch you later, (eat ya brains,)


  3. Thanks, Steve. That word is my Kryptonite. I know how to spell it, but for some reason when the rubber meets the road it comes out with that extra S. But, c'mon, i'm a registered zombie. It's a miracle I get the things right I do. haha


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