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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pet Cemetary Remake in the Works

David Brown

If you have watched a movie in the past year, you have probably noticed that Hollywood is going full force with remakes and reboots. There is now news coming from the LA Times that the Stephen King chiller, Pet Cemetery, is in the pipes to be remade. The 1989 movie was a phenomenon that left many unnerved with some very graphic images and themes. It told the tale of a zombie-raising cemetery that afflicts a family moving into small-town Maine.

Matthew Greenberg, the writer for the great adaptation of “1408” is set to turn in his script for a new version. Details, aside from this, are very limited as the plans are just starting to develop.  However, there is news that executives at Paramount have put out word that at least two representatives in the agent community are seeking a high-level director for the material. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this becomes a remake along the lines of greats before such as Dawn of the Dead and doesn’t fall into obscurity like the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

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