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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Official Plants Vs Zombies Board Game?

Todd Jepperson

At the beginning of this month, we got the lead out. We unloaded everything that we knew about PvZ merchandise. In that article, there was a very interesting little tidbit from Garth Chouteau, VP of Public Relations for PopCap Games. He told us that there was no “official” merchandise on the market, other than the game and the zombie figure that came with the Game of the Year edition. That put a little damper on things, but then he went on to say that they were being overrun by companies wanting licenses to produce official goods. One of those companies may have scored a headshot.

As seen at Toy Fair 2011, Screenlife Games, makers of the hit Scene it? franchise, displayed a concept of their newest creation. According to, the paradigm was so fresh they didn’t even have time to get it on the brochures. Plants vs. Zombies has spread from the digital into the tangible world of paper and plastic.

The details we were able to dig up are that it will be a two to four player brawl where up to forty plant cards and eighty Zombie cards battle it out to see who will be kings of the front lawn apocalypse. The game will be played by rolling dice and drawing cards to see which Zombies will drag themselves onto the board next and which valiant photosynthesizer you may place to defend the home turf. As a twist, you’ll be able to manipulate the other players’ lawns during play, which makes the game a little more fun and a whole lot more competitive.

We’re hearing that this could hit the market as soon as autumn of this year, and there’s a more than a survivor’s chance in suburbia that we’ll have it stocked in the Z&T Toystore as soon as we can get our hands on it. We’ll see what we can work out. Until then, keep checking back and we’ll keep unearthing the details.


  1. If this comes out around autumn, it will definitely be on the Xmas want list.


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