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Monday, February 14, 2011

Night of the Little Dead

Todd Jepperson

It’s The Devil’s Rejects meets Mythbusters when Ghostworks LLC. presents Night of the Little Dead; starring Bill Moseley, Adam Savage, Penn Jillette, James Hurley, Erica Taylor, Gary Morgan, Aye Jaye and Martin Klebba. The film will follow two big-city boys, Dave-O (Jillette) and Dan (Savage), as they travel to a small Wisconsin town to do some Dynamite Fishing. What they don’t know is that the city has buried a dark secret; a train-car full of mini cadaverous monsters who went maniacal years ago, and had to be disposed of. Long story short, an ill-placed explosive brings these fellas to the surface, where they begin their living mutiny all over again.

As for a release, Dread Central caught up with co-director Frank Ipolito and quoted him as saying, “We’d like to premiere it at (this year’s) Comic-Con, so we are going to try to meet that submission deadline. Also, we have a pretty good relationship with National Lampoon, so they may distribute it on iTunes like they did with Dracula’s Daughters vs. Space Brains.”

A quick trip over to the Comic-con International homepage shows the next con in ‘Frisco in the beginning of April, and the big show in San Diego in late July (21-24). Which show, specifically, he’s speaking of we can’t be sure. If I were a betting man, though, I’d put my chips on the July date. Don’t forget to check out the video below and head over to their Facebook page to drop them a line. Remember: it’s the little things that get ya.

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