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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Lazarus Effect: The Family That Returns

In the months ahead, you will begin to see some changes here at Zombies & Toys.  Don't worry, we're not trying to re-invent the wheel or anything.  In fact, you are about to witness the first of several surprises right now!

Every Wednesday, we will post another portion of a story for you to follow.  Does it get any better than free zombie fiction?  You will notice a new tab at the top of the page labeled fiction.  Here, we will post the most current update as well as previous chapters of the current story.  We are launching this new feature with, The Lazarus Effect:  The Family That Returns by Chad Hunter.

In the corner, he found the last living technician in the room. Almond-eyed with a round face and disheveled hair in her face, she was using her legs to keep a table between her and the two bodies reaching for her. One dead man was lacking stitches for an incision that had yet been closed. Entrails hung and jiggled. The other was nude and had finished the morgue technician that was now only organs strewn about the room.

In these close quarters, the weapon in the officer's hand would eliminate the dead but also the technician he was trying to save. DuMons holstered the weapon. His Glock was an option but with the metal wall he dared not risk a ricochet. The officer slid a gloved hand to the blade at his side. It pulled from its nylon sheath. The extended Schrade Cutlery SCHF2 blade had a cutting length of a foot and a half. With its smooth retreat, it promised a spray of dead blood cells and the resistance of cutting bone.

Alex sighed. Although he would never admit it to his close friend and team mate, like Marshall, he too hated getting messy.

"RCO, ma’am! Stay where you are," he yelled out. With the noise, sunken, dark and dreary eyes swiveled in their sockets matching their undead heads turning towards him. One cadaver made an approach with its typical attack - arms outstretched; mouth moaning.

Follow this link or the "fiction" tab above to dive into our first zombie tale...

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