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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dead Island - A Dream Come True?

Recently, a trailer for an upcoming video game hit the interwebs and caused some excitement.  We first brought to your attention the zombie game, Dead Nation, last July.  The concept and screenshots were enough to make me giddy but this new video seals the deal.

Dead Island leaves you on a paradise island vacation spot when the dead rise.  A "sandbox" game, this free-roaming first person game has you exploring the entire island.  There is one little twist I recall reading before that leaves me questioning how the end result will turn out.  In Dead Island, you have the ability to transform yourself into a zombie temporarily.  I also recall hearing that the characters have "layers" which result in realistic physical damage as you strike the walking corpses.  Due for release sometime this year, rely on Zombies & Toys to continue bringing you updates.

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  1. The trailer for this game looks amazing, but I worry it might be a lot of sizzle and no steak. I'm years removed from my gamer days, so I may be too ignorant to know any better, but I have this cynical suspicion that the actual gameplay won't match up.


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