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Monday, February 14, 2011

After Dark Films Brings us Re-Kill

David Brown

If you follow the horror community you will recognize After Dark Films, the geniuses behind the Horrorfest series of movies. For the past few years they have released 4 sets of 8 movies each showcasing much of the upcoming talent in the horror world. This year they are starting a whole new set calling them the After Dark Films Originals. One of the movies being released under this series is the aptly named Re-Kill. The film was originally slated to be released alongside the other films in the series, but has now been pulled back in order to give it a mainstream theatrical release. Details aren’t available at this point as to what the exact date will be but the trailer and international poster below really shows us how great this movie will be. The plot synopsis as provided by After Dark Films is as follows:

Set five years after an outbreak, a zombie menace is supposed to be waning. But the brave men and women of R-Division, who find and destroy the undead, are seeing signs of a second Outbreak which humanity may not survive. The footage about the men and women of R-Division and their grim, dangerous but essential job of exterminating re-animated humans, was shot the week previous by an embedded journalist during a long, deadly day.
Only the film survived.

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