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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Road Ahead for the Walking Dead

Todd Jepperson

This is part one of a two-part post about what’s coming up for the AMC series The Walking Dead. It’s coming to you in two parts; because, my lunch break is only 30 minutes long and anything that takes less than a half hour to come out with usually gets flushed. Anyway, what I’m gonna do first is give you an update about the Walking Dead DVD/Blu-ray release details (which I first brought you here).

It’s looking like March 8th, 2011 is gonna be the day. The price tag for Blu-ray will be $49.99, and DVD comes in at ten bucks less. Pre-ordering should be available from most retailers around the second week in February. My suggestion; however, is to jump on over to
and pre-order it today for $25 which is two bucks less than it was last time.

Next, I want to answer a question that I got after posting the good news of the quick release:

“If they're rushing to get the DVD out though, does that mean that its going to suffer when it comes to DVD extras? This series could have an amazing set of extras from what I've seen of clips hear and there, and it would be such a shame if the bugger it up in the rush to get the DVD out.”

With the release, we can expect a full set of special features, including the “Making of ‘The Walking Dead’”, “Inside ‘The Walking Dead’” episode 1-6, a sneek peek with Robert Kirkman, Behind-The-Scenes Zombie make-up tips, a convention panel with producers, and “The Walking Dead” trailer. It should also be loaded with bonus footage about Zombie school, bicycle girl, an on the set feature with Robert Kirkman & also Andrew Lincoln (Rick), a Steven Yeun (Glen) feature, a tour of Dale’s RV, and a partridge in a pear tree.

It looks like they’ve realized that it’s hard to justify $50 for 6 episodes; so, they’re loading the case with goodies for us to ease the sting. Keep an eye out for the next part of this post when I’ll give you an update about what we can expect from season 2. Let’s just say, somebody might show up with a sword… Okay, it’s Michonne! Wait… spoiler?

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