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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Road Ahead for the Walking Dead: Part 2

Todd Jepperson

(part one)

We’re back with part two of our Walking Dead updates. Since the last post, we got the huge news from Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston over on that WD season 2 may be coming to us as early as July, not October as originally announced.

“It was a decision from AMC that they wanted to position us in July… They want to attract as many eyeballs as possible, away from the heavy competition of the September, November [or] January start. I believe they’re going to put Walking Dead in July as well.”

Happy birthday to me! The hardest part of waiting is, well… the waiting. Let’s cross our fingers.

Next, the little spoiler that we dropped last time about Michonne was suggested at by Kirkman in an interview over at

"Frank has already hinted at the fact that we'll be seeing Michonne as early as Season 2;" however, he also broke some bad news, “The Governor is probably a little ways off from Season 2 — maybe Season 3 or beyond."

Although we most likely won’t be seeing Woodbury in the 12 episode line-up, we can still look forward to things like the farm, the prison (which is where I thought they were going with the CDC thing), Thomas, and the HERD! There are still plenty of monsters lurking in the series to keep us busy until the Governor shows up.

This may wrap up the news we have for now; but, make sure you keep checking back. We’ll keep you updated as we hear anything new. Hope to see you in July!

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