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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Fiction Added to Zombies & Toys!

I am excited to announce that beginning Feb 2nd, Zombies & Toys will be featuring zombie fiction by Chad Hunter.  We will post a new segment of Chad's saga every week.  Join me in welcoming Chad to the ZT team and read on to learn about Chad.

From the first time he dove behind his mother’s Zenith television, Hunter has had a love affair with monsters. Zombies first reached out and terrified him with the video of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. After that flesh-rotted introduction, the undead began their torrential invasion of Hunter’s life with Romero’s own classic original, the putrid TarMan from Return of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, Castlevania and so on and so on. The Lazarus Effect series is Hunter’s entry into the world of the resurrected.

Hunter is a freelance writer, video game journalist and novelist. He is also highly excited (even reanimated!) by joining the folks at Zombies and Toys. His other horror works include The Portray Protocols and Coffin. When not writing, Hunter is a blessed man, lucky husband and proud papa living in the Midwest.

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